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 Announcement of some upcoming AfterShock Cups

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Announcement of some upcoming AfterShock Cups Empty
PostSubject: Announcement of some upcoming AfterShock Cups   Announcement of some upcoming AfterShock Cups I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 29, 2011 2:25 pm

Hello everybody! Let me call your attention to the upcoming AS Cups: The Cups are one day tournaments held usually on Sunday afternoon. The duration is depending on the total amount of signed up players and takes somewhat between 2 and 3 hours.

Currently there are 3 upcoming cups for which signup is already open:

- Duel Cup #04 (Sunday 30th Oct, 4 PM CEST)
- CA 1vs1 #01 (Wednesday 2nd Nov, 7 PM CEST)
- FFA #04 (Sunday 6th Nov, 4 PM CEST)

You can sign up here: http :

Some FFA and Duel Cup already took place in the past weeks, you can find the results here:

Cup History: http :
Hall of Fame: http :

We are currently expanding this Cup system to other game types (see the CA 1vs1 Cup above). Maybe there will be CA 2vs2 (or even more) Cups in the future, depending on how much the game types are requested. There is also a ctf fast capture tournament currently in the pipe, see the Forum thread (http : for more informations.

The past cups were a lot fun, so don't be shy and sign up soon Smilie. No skill requirements are needed, everyone can take place. The more players the more fun for everybody, quite simple equation!

See you soon in the arena,


PS: couldn't paste links since i am a new forum user Oo
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Announcement of some upcoming AfterShock Cups
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