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 Piggie's little Duel Workshop - lesson 2

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PostSubject: Piggie's little Duel Workshop - lesson 2   Piggie's little Duel Workshop - lesson 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2012 4:55 pm

Since I got a lot of positive feedback on the servers and many fun matches were had in the training sessions, I decided to continue the 'workshop'. Lesson 1 still applies of course, ospdm8 is not only a great teaching tool, it's also a fun map.

For our second workshop I want to focus on one map again, but as always, the main points apply on all maps. Our map is pukka3tourney2, Evolution (Q3/OA) or Toxicity (QL). Here is an overview with 3 example locations (A, B and C) with good map overview/item control (the lines of sight are the white lines). Piggie's little Duel Workshop - lesson 2 Pukka3tourney21

Most of us have already played on the map, but your homework assignment this time still is map familiarisation. Be aware that these jumps are possible, and try the basic ones that are useful for escaping from the RA pit.

Last time I focused on strategic things like item control and timing, denying and ambushing. While I still want to see you do that, the focus this time will be tactics and positioning. First off some basic things that most will already know, but I caught people unaware before, and if you're new to duel and want to join, be aware of the following:
  • Wear headphones! All the sounds not from you are your opponent's and tell you where he is and what he's doing.
  • Listen to footsteps, jumps, ankle-deep water splashing at lower YA in front of the teleporter (T2), weapon buzzing/humming (both RG and LG make an audible noise), and item pickups. You must be able to locate the source of each sound and know the direction it's coming from.
  • Be aware of the sounds you are making. I've seen people trying to sneak and carefully avoiding footstep sounds, but picking up ammo on the side (pickup noise) or holding LG (buzzing sound).
  • Have your sounds at a decent volume and don't have music on. If your headphones are loud, don't turn them down too much, rather reduce s_volume a bit. You don't want any quiet sounds cut off, you're relying on being able to hear them.

So how do we set up a kill properly? Last time we learned that you can leave an armour up as bait, or even a weapon if you know your opponent doesn't have it (prime candidate on this map is LG, since there are two RLs). Blocking the exit to a room you believe your opponent will take might also work. Look at the RA room. it's the perfect example. Useful tactical tips:
  • Fight from high ground. It makes RL so much more powerful because you can shoot the ground at your opponent easily while they can't see your feet. Abuse this if your opponent doesn't have LG! If your opponent is at RA, standing near point A, RG, or the top at the 50hp will give you a clear advantage.
  • Watch your opponent's exit route. If he tries to get away, there are only a few ways he can go. On this map you can see the tele entry and exit at the same time for both teleporters. Stand near upper YA or GL for T1 or anywhere near MH for T2.
  • Take easy rail shots. You're near point B (underneath MH) and you saw your opponent go up the stairs to pick LG? Make them regret picking up YA! Does he think he can just heal up right there with the 2 25hp bubbles and escape through tele? Rail again! Does he attack? Switch weapon and rocket (or run depending on hp).
  • Aim! No, really. Don't spam lazily, spam exactly where you think he's going to be. Your goal is to always deal more damage than you're receiving. So pick the right gun depending on where you're standing.

As always, everyone's invited (yes, you too, random CA player), so have fun on the servers, give each other feedback, and most importantly: stop giving a hoot about your rating. Afraid of losing? Lose 5 games in a row - now your rating is down the toilet and you can focus on having fun and trying new tactics.

gl hf
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Piggie's little Duel Workshop - lesson 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Piggie's little Duel Workshop - lesson 2   Piggie's little Duel Workshop - lesson 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2012 7:59 pm

piggie you are my favourite prof! Heart

nice explanation! Good

Piggie's little Duel Workshop - lesson 2 Light210
Piggie's little Duel Workshop - lesson 2 Asd
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Piggie's little Duel Workshop - lesson 2
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