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 If ya would like to join us...

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If ya would like to join us... Empty
PostSubject: If ya would like to join us...   If ya would like to join us... I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 5:23 pm

You've seen us ingame or you heard of us in the news and you think we are the best mates for you? This is the place to give the things a try!

First of all, lets see the most important stuff:

- Be a cool guy! This is the most important. We don't want any raging idiot nor wannabepro, arrogant kids.

- Having fun is not enough! Having fun with the other players that we need! If you spamm your binds throught the whole game or camp at the tele outcome all the time, you are in the wrong place. Go, play with bots then! :Đ

- Some skills. Under 70 % rail accuracy dont even try to sign up! Nah, just jokin'. We are not lookin' for progamers, but some basic skills are needed.

- Speak English! If your only known words are fuck, me best, you noob, then sorry, we cant accept you. No perfect English is needed, but we shall understand you and you shall understand us.

- Be European! Ok, this is the point i'm not 100 % sure in. For having a better ping, you should be, but it's your business. But what more important is the timezone. If you play when we are sleeping and we see you once a month, even if you play every day, it's no sense to call ourselves mates. But if you can accept to play in normal European time, it's ok.

- Show yourself sometimes. We don't want you to play every day, of course real life is more important but if you go away for weeks/months, at least drop a message like 'fu im away 'til 2023'. Oh and we have a forum, use it! Very happy

Oh, i lied at the beginning, the most important is just coming.. HATE CHICKENS! FEEL DEEP HATE AGAINST THEM! To hunt them down successful, its a must! Very happy

After you're sure that you are who we want, open a new thread with your name and write some things about you like:
- name in-game
- how long are you an OA gamer and some things about your OA career(former clans, nicks)
- your age and your home
- how much do you play
- Some infos like your fav gametype, weapon

And some things that are not necessary but we would be happy
- Some infos about yourself (hobby, job, real name, maybe a picture Very happy)
- gaming career except OA

After you've sent your post, we will start a discussion in the private hall of ours about you and we are gonna reply as soon as possible! Be patient, we have a real life too! Very happy

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If ya would like to join us...
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